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Wordsline is providing online content writing training programs to help individuals start a progressive career in the field. Anyone with basic English writing skills and core interest in content creation, regardless of age, gender, or educational background can join the advanced online content writing course.


For the ones who wish to be a profitable freelance content writer; no doubt, online writing training can be the first step towards the goal! For professionals from diverse backgrounds, the online content development course can be a good support to improve corporate writing aptitudes at ease. The course module is designed to support aspirants to achieve constant development in writing skillsets and become an expert with a thorough understanding of the mantra of content writing.


The online content writing program includes 10 theory classes detailing the basics of content writing and hands-on experience over 35 different types of leading content projects. Online training for writers is conducted by industry specialists with the right experience in content writing. The practical sessions are purely personal with timely reviews and suggestions from trainers, valuing the comfort and convenience of each student.


The online training program offers a valid certificate in content writing on successful completion of the course. The course fee is INR 8,000 only and can join anytime as per the convenience of the aspirants on a 50% advance payment.


Please find the module of the online course below:




Module 1

What is Content Writing?

Different types of corporate writing

The most selling content writing works in the industry


Module 2

Step by step process of professional writing

Fundamentals of content writing

Applying SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Ensuring Clarity and Readability

Proof Reading Tips

Checking Plagiarism

Keeping References

Layout creation for writing in different styles for diverse purposes


Module 3

Top 10 Careers in content writing

How to start career as a freelance writer?


Module 4

What is SEO?

Rules to create SEO friendly content

Tools for Keyword Integration


Module 5

Content Strategy and Content Marketing

How to build efficient content marketing strategies in ease?



Get expert guidance and samples for 35 different types of content writing works;

  1. Taglines

  2. Facebook Posts


  4. Classifieds

  5. Testimonials

  6. Reviews

  7. Mailers

  8. Creative Blog

  9. Technical Blog

  10. SEO based Blog

  11. Magazine Articles

  12. Press Release

  13. Layout Creation

  14. Brochure/Flyer

  15. Personal/Individual Profile

  16. Corporate/Company Profile

  17. Proposal/Project Plan

  18. Investor Proposal

  19. Product Descriptions

  20. Catalog

  21. Branding Guides and strategies

  22. Whitepapers

  23. Case studies

  24. Research Papers

  25. Academic Article

  26. News Letter

  27. Corporate Video Script

  28. Advertisement script

  29. Voice Over Script

  30. Terms and Condition

  31. Privacy Policy

  32. Disclaimer

  33. Creative Website

  34. Technical Website

  35. SEO based Website


Wordsline Content Writing Company is offering certified in-house training courses for Content Writing. The 1:1 training program is intended to help aspirants from any background to develop a detailed understanding of Corporate Writing and enhance skills to excel as a professional content writer. The course is conducted by expert content writers with years of experience in the field of content and copywriting.

The 100 hours program offers a valid certificate in content writing. The course is designed with well researched and practically oriented modules giving equal importance to theory and practical training. The program includes 10 hours of theory class plus practical providing hands-on experience in different types of content writing projects.

The course fee is INR 10,000 including theory and practical. For more details please contact @7012405365.

Check out the module of the program;

Day 1
What is Content Writing?

An introduction to different types of writing –

         Technical Writing
         Creative Writing
         Academic Writing
         Copy Writing
         Travel Writing
         Medical Writing
         Article Writing
         Copy Editing

Ways to get inspired to create content.
Tips to improve Content Writing Skills
Careers in the content industry
Build efficient content marketing strategies in ease.
Day 2
Overview of the process of professional writing

Fundamentals of writing
Pre-writing Guidelines
Tips for writing professionally in different styles
Ensuring clarity and readability
How to create error-free drafts - Grammar for Writers
Proof Reading /Editing techniques
Checking and Correcting Plagiarism
Rules for Referencing
Day 3
How to create layout and content for different purposes;

         Website Contents
         Blog Articles
         Branding Guides & Strategies
         Marketing Collateral Contents
         Social Media Posts /Content Calendars
         Advertisement Scripts
         Webinar Scripts /Online Presentations
         Article Writing
         Academic Writings
         Technical Writings
         Official Documents
         Newsletters
         Magazine Articles
         Presentation & Seminar Materials
         E-Books
         Research Papers
         Mailers
Day 4
Writing for Web /Online

What is SEO?
Guidelines to create SEO friendly content
Keyword Integration and Usage
How to create a reader-centric document with perfect SEO strategies?

Day 5
A Guide to Freelancing Opportunities in Content Writing

How to start your career as a freelance writer?
Know points to consider while committing freelance projects.
Tips to become a high –paid freelance writer


PRACTICAL (90 hours)
Hands-on experience with expert guidance in creating content for different types of works.

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