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How to Create Great Content for Your Website

A website or online content has only seconds to capture interest. The contents of a site should hook the audience with engaging and compelling content.

Provocative content is the new content trend employed by websites to achieve this.

You have to be edgy, but not poke someone in the eye. Your content should challenge and amuse the readers without bragging or boasting. Your site, and particularly your homepage, should be provocative enough to be memorable and to spread a positive word of mouth.

The ways to incorporate provocative ideas in your writing are :

· Read and summarize relevant books and other publications and document your ideas. This helps you to be in-sync with the prevailing trends and helps you address them immediately.

· Brainstorm ideas. Have a team of trusted advisors to discuss and brainstorm ideas. Being a part of a strong mastermind group and trusted advisors are great ways to improve your ideas and creativity for the content.

· Find time for self-development. According to a Japanese proverb "I will master something and then the creativity will come." Always find time to upgrade your talents and your language and it will be reflected in your writing.

· Question basic assumptions. This applies not just to your own assumptions, but also to those of your advisers and clients. Avoid the conventional approach and gain new insights to arrive at the proper solution.

· Create a story. Explain a concept like narrating a story; it makes the concept interesting and increases its readability.

· Interview. Interview people to learn, gain new ideas and leverage effective marketing while developing content for your website and that of the person you are interviewing.

· Social networking. When joining effective and smart online communities, you can quickly gain knowledge of what is being asked and discussed, and how you can develop content which may be of help to others.

When you explore famous websites online, three elements can be seen common in these sites which are keys to its success.

· Design. Your site should look professional, the layout and design should be attractive and engaging, and should be easy to navigate in order to quickly gain the browsers’ attention and interest. Good use of images is important as well as the use of action shots of you with your clients.

· Content. Your site must focus on your visitors’ interests and should address the question of what you can offer them and how to improve their lives or how to find solution to their woes. To accomplish this, strong content must be developed addressing all these reader needs.

· Strategy and tactics. Decide what the business should appear like, how it should position itself on the internet and what online components are required to make the business a success. Decide how you should reach and communicate with the web browsers: read articles, subscribe to newsletters and communicate through blogs and online communities.

Implementing all these strategies in your content development improves the effectiveness of your site greatly. A well-designed site with great content just won’t do; it needs to have a well-defined strategy and tactics.

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