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Know more on Keyword Integration

Keyword integration is an essential aspect of publishing website content. In the past, search engines had been known to reward keyword rich content with top rankings, that is not necessarily the case anymore. Currently, search engines are more focused on providing the best grade website content to searchers, and they are taking much more than keyword density and word count into consideration.

Keyword integration should look natural and not forced. Make your keywords fit seamlessly into your article because the relevancy of your article will not matter if the keywords are clunky and looks forced. In some cases just rearranging words can bring rhythm and structure in to the writing and in some cases many chunks of information has to be axed to attain perfection.

Keyword density It is the percentage of times a keyword/phrase appears on a website compared with total number of words on the page. Don’t rack your brain unnecessarily to overload your article with keywords, do it only when you are instructed to achieve a certain amount of keyword density in your writing. For today’s evolved algorithms, content matter is equally important.

Content has witnessed a paradigm shift from quantity to quality. Gone are the days when keyword stuffing and paid linking brought you traffic, now the focus has moved on to quality and relevance of the content. The improvement in quality has helped in creating a better user experience, but your writing still needs to be found from a swarm of information on the web. Here optimum use of keyword integration becomes relevant.

Stages of Keyword Integration

The stages involved in keyword integration are Keyword research, Keyword usage and Keyword testing. Keyword research before developing content can help you find the most clikable keyword. It also helps to avoid the trouble of creating content with low volume keywords and the effort waste to increase readability by keyword stuffing.

Keyword research helps you find balance between users’ product needs, the product offering and gives you insights about how users actually search the web and it improves your focus. After finding the apt keyword for your topic use it in a way it perfectly blends with the content. Using the same keyword again and again can bring negative ranking, therefore use it only when it is absolutely necessary to mention. For testing the potential of the keyword and the content there are many keyword driven software available. Snoop on your competitors, examine how they have used same or similar keyword integration in their writing, this will give you a better idea about the process.

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