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The forecast for content writing looks bright. All the new trends, techniques, and tools in content writing are as always, intended at fetching higher ranks in search engine results page. Here are a few top-level trends that will affect all kinds of content writing and decides the fate of every piece of writing on the web, whether it is blogging, magazine writing, or copy writing.

The death of junk content

Less is more now in content writing. Keyword cluttered chunks of content is no longer favored by search engines. Google has terminated the value of SEO- stuffed data abundance. Automation has now enabled short blog posts with fewer keywords to rank high as long as they possess relevance and solemnity with an increasing degree of competence. The demand for junk content has died and the only way to survive in these prevailing conditions is by bringing crisp and concise content. Focus your actions to creating quality, not quantity.

Inbound marketing

The trend of internet browsers searching for content has changed; at this point, great content finds the browsers. The search engines and websites record the search pattern of every user and feed them with content that falls within the realm of their browsing behavior. A good content developer should always be familiar with the prevailing search trends and vigilant about the changing trends. Once you are thorough about the trends focus your efforts to build your inbound marketing machine, the inbound tools will lure the leads to your content and business.

Social media matters

Do not hesitate to explore, experiment, and employ the social media. Many seasoned writers refrain from adapting their writing to suit the online media. Most of the content writing opportunities come via social media theses day and most of the writing would be for the online audience. If juggling between various social media is difficult for you to pick a social channel to be more active. It is not late to learn; select a channel that best suits your writing style and master it.

Online magazines

Online magazines are cropping up frequently on the internet; conventional and established magazines are also setting up online magazines and some are even going fully-online. The growth of digital magazines has opened a lot of opportunities for freelance writers. The reach of the content is decided by the number of impressions and shares on social media platforms. If you can conjure up viable content for online magazines which is arresting and click-worthy, a successful career in content writing lies ahead of you.


The rise of digital media and recent cheap internet revolution has made people seek for multimedia-rich content. A good writing will go unnoticed if it is not backed by multimedia like pictures, GIFs, audio, and video. Same way, good videos, audio, articles, info-graphics, slideshows, and other visuals will be ignored if it does not have words to convince the audience. A good content writer should have workable knowledge of different multimedia and the skills to incorporate multimedia aesthetically into the writing.

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