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Content well developed and delivered can shower immense benefits on a business; the same time bad or wrong content can adversely affect the sales and wreck the image of the company. Here are some tricks to publish the right content.

1. Multiple sharing of the content

Share your social media content more than once. In social media, the life of content is limited to a few days. Even the most viral content diminishes its glory in a few days and it is then forgotten forever. Sharing old content once in a while will help you attract the audience that you missed out before. After all, thousands are joining social media platforms every day.

The more you share, the more is the traffic; although make sure that you are not sharing the same content repeatedly. Incessant sharing can annoy the netizens. When you dig up old content to share; make sure that the content is relevant at the time of sharing. The content can lose and gain relevancy from time to time. Therefore the timing of sharing matters.

2. Share images

An image or a video can make your content richer. After all, a picture is worth a thousand words. Nowadays, more than a catchy headline, it is the accompanying images that hook the audience. When you select an image for a write-up make sure that it is relevant to the content and it does complete justice to the writing. Also, make sure that the image source is acknowledged, cited, or acquired legally. Avoid using images that depict, violence, gore or vulgar content; attaching such images to the content can not only hamper the perception of the content, it also hampers the image of the company. According to a recent social media experiment, content with an image attracted 89% more traffic.

3. Target multiple time zones

Internet and mobile users mostly indulge in social media activities by late evening and the night. Say you are an American company releasing content to target the Indian audience; you need to post the content in accordance with the Indian time zone. Another ideal time to publish content is weekends. Releasing the content at the right time drives more traffic to the site and achieves the maximum penetration among the target audience.

4. Reach your new followers

The main intent behind content marketing is to increase the audience base. Content marketing is not just about disseminating information to the existing audience; it is also about attracting new audience to the social media pages and the website. Your content gets exposure when your existing audience likes or shares your content online. This strategy boils down to creating content that is share-worthy and trending.

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