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Importance of professional content writing as per the Google strategies 2018

SEO can be simply defined as the optimization of a given page or a whole website. They use methods to optimize the given content for the search engine to help increase the ranking than content from other sites which targets the similar terms. They aim to make sure whether you optimize it so that the search engine can recognize your content. In-house SEO is a strategy which allows people who are familiar with the company or website and who work for the business. They are efficient in working SEO as they clearly know the weakness and strengths of the company and have great knowledge about them. While Third party SEO allows people who are masters in SEO for optimizing your page. They will be having access to the updated information of search engine. You will be able to trust other competent professionals for their experience.

1. Keyword research

It is the most critical stage of an SEO content writer. The keyword research is basically, the use of keywords for finding out the most searched terms by most of the people in search engines. You should remember to focus mainly on long-tailed keywords which of 4and more words.

Learn from the competitors

Checking the keywords frequently used by your competitors who have good traffic will be a great idea. Thus you will be able to understand how much these rankings will be useful for different search terms.

2. Choose SEO friendly titles

As the title is the fundamental part of the content, it will let the search engine understand the context of your content. When you deal with search engine-driven searches, choosing SEO friendly titles for your content will be an important factor as well. Making subtitles will add you some rewards as well as makes easy to read.

3. Define your SEO friendly URL

Always remember to avoid long and horrible URLs and focus on DEO friendly URLs. SEO friendly URLs are easy to read and understand. The search engines will pick up the URL inserted keywords.

4. Google search console

It is the significant tool, an SEO writer should be aware of. It offers you a variety of features and it can be used to optimize the structure of your website. This is the webmaster tool which can be used throughout in your SEO path.

You will be able to possess the top ranks on SERPs if you use the right SEO techniques. Many agencies believe inserting keywords are the one and only process you should remember while SEO writing even in 2018. A recent study reveals that the overall content relevance is the factor behind the top ranking than keywords or word count.

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