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Rules to follow when writing for Google

Writing for Google is tricky and if you follow a structure, your site will glow in the search results. A Google’s web page itself shows, what kind of content will hit in the web page. The web page of Google is so simple, and as per Google’s philosophy, “Simplicity is powerful”. Google is always looking for simple content.

Here, we will discuss a few points to keep in mind when writing for Google. Make your content as simple as possible. Simple content is easier to use, it’s faster and of high quality. Writing in short, with catchy titles creatively, using images is what mobile-friendly content includes. Google now works more on SEO algorithms. When writing for Google, scripting your content in an SEO-friendly writing style is another rule to follow. Instead of using more keywords and messing up the content, use keywords that are more suitable for your content. Choosing the right keywords can engage more readers who are looking for information. Choosing the right keywords can attract more readers to find information. Non-jargon friendly content is another rule. Using simple words will attract readers more. Sometimes readers may be looking for simple, high-quality content that can be understood faster than complex content that takes time to grasp.

Another important rule to follow when writing for Google is to create unique content for your page. Readers are always looking for additional information and so we need to provide them with such content. A unique title that doesn't exceed 60 characters and gives the reader a first impression of your page is essential. Like this, a meta description that summarizes the topic of the page is another important point to follow. Note that it doesn't exceed 160 characters. Adding the right type of link to the page is another rule. This will improve search rankings. Try not to exceed 20 characters when writing a sentence.

The above points seem to be easier to follow, but it is very tricky.

Here are few more rules to follow while writing for Google:

1. Create your content in a user-friendly way. Edit content in simple, high-quality language that even with a glance you can understand your site's content!

2. Avoid grammatical errors on your page. Check it two and three times and make sure there are no grammatical errors.

3. Google does not approve repeating ideas the same way across the entire page. Put your idea in a unique way and don't repeat it

4. Professional, relevant, useful, and interactive writings are only accepted. Google will guarantee this. and will approve it.

5. Punctuation and styles are other rules to be followed. Unwanted punctuation will not be accepted.

6. Capitalization that is not used correctly or unwanted capitalization is not acceptable.

7. Spacing is like a small essence to the writing. Having more or less and unwanted space can turn your writing messy. Use space where it’s needed and don’t use excessive space on your page.

Structuring your writing accordingly to the rules which are unique, professional, useful, high quality, and content relevant is always welcomed by Google. Keep these points in your mind when writing for Google and in no lesser time, Google will approve your writing.


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